Gay Guy Calls Westboro Baptist Church & Asks How to Get Into Heaven 

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I can’t get enough of Riyadh K’s videos. I don’t know if it’s his sexy haircut or his sexy accent (or both!). Not only is he incredibly funny, but he also likes to dig deep into political matters as it were.

Riyadh did what every gay guy in America secretly wants to do: Prank call the infamous Shirley Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church!

For the last few decades, Westboro has made headlines across the world picketing the funerals of dead soldiers as well as numerous events supporting LGBTQ rights and awareness, holding signs conveying their message: “God Hates Fags.” Perhaps our friend Riyadh thought he could change her mind?

“Yikes!” she exclaimed on the phone. “You are heading straight to hell. God hates fags. You cannot change that standard – don’t matter if you can get this entire goofy disobedient nation… read the word and obey your God!”

What happens next is a response only Riyadh can pull off. Check it out below:

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