Stop Feeling Bad for Having Casual Sex

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Don’t let slut-shamers convince you otherwise!

Let me get something straight right now. Human beings were made to have sex—that’s right! One of our whole reasons for being is to repopulate the earth by spooning and forking each other so little sporks can live and do it all over again.

We’re no different than bears, lions, cougars or other mammals scouting the plains—hunting and gathering—having sex with other animals of the same species along the way. They make babies and later send them off to be adults. But because we’re human beings who hold ourselves higher than animal instinct, we’ve made sex into something practical.

I believe in monogamy. I think when you’re in a committed relationship you ought to rethink the idea of casual sex, unless you both have a private arrangement. But when you’re a single gay guy on the prowl, who the hell is anyone to tell you how to live your life?

We’re an evolved species, but just because we believe we’re more intelligent doesn’t make us any less of an animal. We try to make sense of sex all the time, but it never works. We turn it into something religious or analytical or reasonable, which confuses the hell out of us.

Sex is ingrained within our cells. It’s imprinted in our structure, and in many ways it controls our urges and psychological perspectives on people. We’re men. More importantly, we’re gay men.

Men in general are visual creatures. We perceive and judge things at first glance—like an animal in the wild. Knowing we’re men attracted to men, it should come as no surprise that sex is the lead focus of our attention.

The trouble doesn’t lie in our appetite for sex nor does it lie in our willingness to have it whenever we want to. It happens when the appetite becomes a distraction from our actual lives—work, friends, career, goals etc.

Sex is powerful, but it’s also manipulative. When you make it control you, you’re basically living on impulse. It might be fun but at the end of the day, there are consequences. If everyone lived on impulse I’m sure we’d all be f*cking each other in public places, but there would also be no order in society.

Yes we’re animals, yes we’re men, yes we’re built to have sex, but the way in which our society has constructed itself, we have responsibilities that are more important than sex. Casual sex is great, but should you let it overtake your life? No.

The fact that anyone would shame a guy for having sex is beyond me. How can you make someone feel guilty for being human? You can’t. So stop the shame game and start minding your own business when it comes to matters of the d*ck.

Sex is fun, but like all other recreational activities it can slowly start to define us. Be in control—trust me, it’s way sexier.

Michael Fairbanks

Staff Writer

Michael Fairbanks is a world traveler and has lots of observations to share.

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