Research Finds NO Difference Between Kids of Same-Sex Parents & Opposite-Sex Parents

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One of the biggest arguments we hear from the right wing is the farfetched idea that children who are raised by LGBTQ parents have poor mental health and need extra emotional support systems as they get older.

Tied mainly to religious bias, in recent years gay parenting has been widely scrutinized by pastors and radical rights, but thanks to a study reported in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, research has found no differences between children raised by gay parents and those raised by heterosexual ones.

No difference, whatsoever.

According to studies, there is ZERO difference in a child’s well being, emotional difficulties, parent-children relationship and coping and learning behavior, whether or not they’d been raised by same sex or opposite sex parents.

The study was performed by researchers affiliated with Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, the University of Amsterdam, and Columbia University.

“This study is the first to use a nationally representative survey to compare the two types of households by focusing only on those parents that have been in a continuous relationship,” said Henny Boss, lead author from William’s.

Boss and his colleagues matched 95 same-sex parent households to 95 different-sex parent households. After analyzing data, they found no difference between the children of both groups in terms of general health, emotional difficulties, coping behaviors, and learning behaviors.

One big difference did they find was that same sex parents reported experiencing higher levels of parenting stress than their counterparts, perhaps due to social pressure.

“Future investigations might explore whether the cultural spotlight on child outcomes in same sex parent families is associated with increased parenting stress,” said co-author Nanette Gartrell. “Some of our earlier studies have shown that lesbian mothers feel pressured to justify the quality of their parenting because of their sexual orientation.”

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