It’s Elizabeth Montgomery’s 83rd Birthday Today!

Elizabeth Montgomery, fierce star of the beloved show Bewitched, which ran for 8 seasons on ABC, would have been 83-years old today.

A wonderful lady with a giant heart, she was a trailblazer across the board for women and LGBT rights. When her former co-star Dick Sargent came out, she made an effort to let the world know she supported him – a move seldom made by celebs of her stature. She has been cited as one of the earliest celebrity advocated for HIV/AIDS.

She also hired Paul Lynde (our beloved funny gay man throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s) as the cuckoo Uncle Arthur on the show.

In a documentary about her life, someone had allegedly raised concern about his “feminine” behavior to Mongomery, worried that it might cause backlash from audiences. She allegedly told this person to shut up, and that he made her laugh: “If he can make me laugh, he’ll make the world laugh. What do I care about anything else?”

She died of cancer at the young age of 62. A Hollywood star was put in her honor in 2008, and a statue of her riding a broomstick was made in Salem, Massachusetts.

We love you, Elizabeth! Rest in peace, our sexy witch lady.


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